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George and Ann Robertson

10 December 2013

Ask a Local

5 Minutes with George and Ann Robertson

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9 September 2013

High Prices At Auction This Spring?

At an auction, the seller’s minimum is known as the ‘reserve’. That’s the price at which the property can be sold. Many properties sell above reserve. When this happens, the auction is hailed as achieving a high price. True. But it is not true to say it is the highest price.

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Doreen Smith cropped

5 September 2013

Ask a Local

5 Minutes with Doreen Smith

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30 June 2013

Continued Success!

Warlimont and Nutt has just completed another most successful quarter. That’s because the service at Warlimont and Nutt is very different from most other agents, for instance we focus on client care. We offer a financial and emotional risk free sale with No Charges Payable until sold.

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12 September 2012

The Market is What The Market Is !

When selling what is probably your most valuable asset, the family home, it should come as no surprise that presentation plays a vital role. The person responsible for the presentation of your home is you, just as the agent is responsible for the marketing and negotiation.

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