9 June 2015

It’s all in a name!

Hinkler cropped
As we drive around conducting our daily business, have you ever spared a thought as to how the streets were named? In our district there is generally a story, from simply a developer naming streets in a new subdivision after family members;

Reginald Way, Ferne Place, Lisa-brit Court, Frances Drive, Brad Drive and Sinclair Court are all examples.

Some have a more regal history, like Osborne Drive which was previously known as Albert Street.  Prince Albert was Queen Victoria’s Consort and the nearby streets of Maude, Alice, Augusta, Ernest, Victoria and Helena reflect the names of some of their nine children!

Not only royalty is remembered, some of the world’s greatest pioneer aviators such as Harry Hawker (Hawker Street) are recognised.  Hawker helped design the famous World War One ‘Sopwith’’aircraft.

Parer Street is named after Raymond Parer who completed the first single-engine aircraft flight from England to Australia in 1920 and was known as a man ‘who never gave up in the face of adversity’. 

Finally, Hinkler Street completes the trio in being named after Bert Hinkler, once dubbed ‘the most daring man in the world, who flew solo around the world with just a compass, a torch and a page of an atlas to guide him’.  He left behind a rich history as one of the RAF’s early aviators in World War One.

What is your street name’s history?  Perhaps you may be surprised.

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